About Us

Soolx is a multi purpose platform that formed in 2017 through the mergence of 14 years worth sectoral knowledge in fraud and chargeback. Based on the problems encountered the most, the solutions to satisfy these need were embedded into its system. Soolx is a platform that enables the secure and fast information and document flow between the card owner, the bank the card belongs to, member business, the bank the business works with, prosecution and arbitration committee. Through Soolx, businesses and banks benefit from reduction in workforce by 50%, legal costs, security threats, process times, mail and documentation traffic. Along with these benefits come the easier detection of fraud gaps and tracking of employment productivity.

During these times where the world is becoming a cashless society, credit card users and businesses accepting card payments are increasing everyday. This brings with it security weaknesses unless necessary precautions are taken and the changing regulations are followed by experienced human resources. For the first time in Turkey, Soolx offers end to end encrypted connection through virtual POS management, follow-ups on prosecution document's, follow-ups on arbitration committee, chargeback management and data encryption services.