Operational process solutions for comissions,banks and all businesses

Chargeback Management

Payment objections are answered,
managed and reported in the correct way.

Management of Prosecurion and
Arbitration Committee Documents

Following-up and settling the processes for your business. Saves up on legal costs and protects your business from damage.

End to End Encryption

Uses system's algorithm to encrypt the document process flow between banks, commisions and businesses.

Fraud Management

Tracks your transactions and protects you and your company against fraud risk.



Prevents tangible loss and improves efficiency through customized solutions for your company.

  • Solves payment objections
  • Solves arbitration committee cases
  • Solves presecution documents
  • Satisfies the need for employee
  • Prevents brand value loss
  • Saves up on legal costs


Solves the document flow and follow-up problems between banks.

  • Manages objections from other banks
  • Manages business objections
  • End to end document encryption
  • Follow-up on the objection process
  • Enables communication between branches


Rapid and safe connection through the platform.

  • Increases recognition
  • Strengthens brand value
  • Solves safety issues


Instant updates on the status of your objection and ability to follow-up.

  • Increases recognition
  • Enables you to follow-up
  • Shows the status of your objection
  • Solves the problem of getting in touch with the bank
  • Solves the issue on safety

Why Soolx?

Chargeback, prosecution and arbitration committee documents are both costly and require great deal of workforce. Soolx manages and anlyzes all these processes end to end

Easy Access

Easy document follow-up through computers, tablets or mobile devices.

High Protection

Images, voice notes and documents are kept encrypted.

Smart Reminders

With the calendar and alarm clock feature, sends reminders and keeps you from forgetting.

No Installation

Fast and easy installatin due to cloud based structure


Solves chargebacks that may occur in retail


Tracks the performance and the efficiency of your employees.